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Player Profile - Joey Hays

Profile: Joey’s a great example of how smart practice pays off. When Joey first started coming around the local scene, he was the typical out of control noob who just loved the game. After taking the required butt kickings from the pros, he quickly abandoned his bar hack game and is well on his way to becoming a great player. He’s still a rook, but way ahead of the learning curve compared to his time on the table. He still has a ways to go, but his game looks more polished than players who have been playing for a lot longer.

Up front, he’s working on a nice 5 row series that all blends together well, but he doesn’t really mix things up too much, so the better players are able to get on it fairly easy. His 3 bar is better than average, and he’s extremely patient with it. If he keeps playing, and stays disciplined, his structured game should really take off. In back, Joey’s got some smart D, and a good clearing 2 bar.

Strengths: Very patient on all rods, analyses the defense well – everything is calculated, good 5 bar series

Weaknesses: 5 bar needs some polishing up, needs to train and play more against the better players for more experience

Last Updated: 8/22/2014 5:11:00 AM