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Player Profile - Scotty Wydman

Profile: Finally a Pro Master that hits the weekly tourneys on a regular basis! Well, even if it is because BC’s is around the corner from his home – we’ll take it!

Like the other legends in CO, Wydman is an elite Pro Master with tons of experience and multiple major open titles. He’s used to playing against the best, and can pretty much toy with most of the Denver regulars and still smack them around. That’s usually just what he does lately, too. The first game in his matches consist of funsy shots, and getting a read on his opponents. If he happens to lose, then his real game comes out like a werewolf under a full moon. Next thing you know, he starts passing with one of the best 5 bars in the world, and shooting with one of the best pulls.

Wydman’s name always comes up when people are discussing most dominant 5 rows in the game. His 5 isn’t powerful or intimidating like Ryan Moore’s or Tony’s…but it is just as effective and almost seems more humiliating letting his effortless passes through over and over. His slow toss and defensive reading illustrate how simple execution = better. His lane pass is so smooth – even when you know it’s coming, he’ll still push it right through your man. His walls are patient. They don’t even seem like brushes, but his series sucks you so bad that they’re open whenever he wants.

His pull is world class as well. Scotty will pepper the insides and shorts, but the second he sees a reverse D, he won’t hesitate to blast an invisible dead row. Easily the best pull in CO. With a front game this good, he’s got tons of accolades as a forward in Doubles and Mixed. In singles, Wydman also won the winner’s bracket in OS in 1997.

For as dominating as he is up front, he’s still a World Champion goalie. Scotty and Todd Loffredo became the first team ever to win back to back World Doubles titles in Dallas when they won in 1995. His defense is slow and methodical – you won’t see him shuffling too much – it’s all or nothing with him when it comes to defense. If you’re patient with an untraceable shot, you should do well. He’ll get in back for the big block and game winning bomb with “Big daddy”…all while keeping the crowed entertained. Lol He’s an awesome player, and will no doubt be in the Colorado Hall of Fame soon.

Strengths: Disgusting pull that works the entire hole including deadrow, One of the best 5 bars in the world, can play front or back at a pro master level – just an all around legend

Weaknesses: Doesn’t practice or tour anymore to keep his skills at a consistent elite level

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 7:55:00 AM