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Player Profile - Kane Gabriel

Profile: Denver’s already got the best local tournaments in the country, and Kane’s new addition just took it to a new level. A pro master before the points reset, Kane is an active touring elite player and definitely has raised the bar around here.

Up front, Kane has a fast 5 bar that mixes in both quick stick passing and brushing. While his 5 bar mechanics are fast, he still takes his time – though sometimes it seems like he’s on autopilot. He has phenomenal ball control so don’t expect him to drop any passes. If you want to beat him, you’re just going to have to out play him. He can shoot both a nasty roller and pull. Each one is exceptional and explode to the hole. They are unraceable and hard.

He’s just as comfy in the pits as up front. Kane has good defense, and a great 2 bar that can go long from both the push and pull set up. He’s usually good for a few bombs a match back there. While not quite at the level of the top masters in the world, he still beats all of them fairly regularly and is someone who is always placing in the top spots at majors.

Strengths: Dominant in both positions, great singles game, strong and versatile 3 bar that hits all the holes, relentless and makes you work for every point

Weaknesses: to be determined!

Last Updated: 8/25/2014 6:47:00 AM