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Player Profile - Mark Krause

Profile: Colorado adopted Mark a long time ago...sharing him with his home state of Nebraska...but once he started winning World titles, we really began to claim Mark as one of our own. His game has been a long journey...starting off as the rookie who only knew how to play goal...turning into the semi that only knew how to play goal...and finally being forced to develop an all around great game when he was moved to pro after winning too much.

Krause is a prime goalie pick up because he's spent so much of his career in goal, he has some smart defense. What makes him a beast back there though is his 2 bar. He mainly shoots a hard push, but also has a good pull and kick shots to go with it. When he was winning singles, he'd actually pull a Big Baller and start passing backwards to his 2 bar of doom. In doubles, he'll also send a wide array of passes down to his forward, so that makes him extra deadly.

The front game is finally there. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in crisp execution. His 5 is a nice blend of stick passing, and his pull is unraceable. He likes to quick shoot, but can also take his time when he needs to. He's definitely a partner capable of putting away the big point should his forward need it.

Mark also shines in singles. His dominant goalie game and 2 rod give him more than enough chances for him to score on the forward rods. He's relentless and plays the perfect mix of fast and slow. If you're lazy, he'll roast you with quick shots and hacks. He'll even work a 2-3 series, developed when he lacked a 5 bar.

It's not a surprise he has a World Singles Title to his name along with many other titles. He's one of the nicest foosers off the table, but with his aggressive intense attitude on it, Mark is just as native to Denver as any other player here.

Strengths: Solid defense, awesome 2 bar, fast paced singles game, strong pull from the 3, vocal and ultra competitive which fires up his partner, good veteran head game.

Weaknesses: Sometimes players with smart fast shots can get on his slow defense a bit before he adjusts, front game still needs time and experience to round out his overall skills

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:22:00 PM