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Player Profile - David Watson

Profile: If Colorado had a fooser comedy improv, the headliners would be Phil Washum and Dave Watson. Always laughing and cracking people up with his quick wit, Dave’s a long time player who dominated the rookie ranks every CO state tourney. He’s mostly at home playing forward, but has the experience to be a solid defensive goalie as well. He solidified his reputation as at singles…coming out of nowhere to win Semi Pro singles at Utah State a few years ago. His 5 bar blends well together mixing quick walls, off the walls, and brushes. His roller is hit and miss – pull side is his favorite, which he can hit automatic, but he can still hit the push well enough at times to open things up.

Dave’s been around long enough to know most players’ tendencies, and even though he doesn’t play with the same intensity as he used to, he can get by with experience. He’s also extremely helpful and knowledgeable…and a good source of advice for newbies.

Strengths: Experienced, streaky and when hot can cruise, good defense, intelligent, works the hole well with his 3, good zone against 2 bars, can play both positions well.

Weaknesses: Streaky, can sometimes let slop get into his head, practice player and doesn’t play enough to dominate like he used to, push side roller needs some work.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:02:00 AM