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Player Profile - Daryl Papineau

Nickname: Pimpinho
Profile: Darryl's one of the most underrated semi pros in CO...probably because he lives in Loveland and isn't an every week regular. Nevertheless, it's clear he still practices a lot, and when big tourneys roll around he's always at the top of the brackets in his events.

He's mainly a forward, but still has good D and a solid 2 bar. His 5 bar is a really good far wall series that swisses just about everyone. If he loses, it's probably not because of his 5. His series consists of good brushes from different spots as well as just enough options to keep you guessing. He works it really well and anyone who doesn't really understand what a "series" is should take notes.

His 3 bar is pretty nasty too. He shoots a roller that hits all the holes. Longs, middles, shorts, and both sides are equal...he doesn't really have a favorite side or a side he can't execute well. Blocking him can be frustrating, especially when he's on, because you really do have to cover all 5 holes instead of the normal 3 for the snake. When blocking him, it's also a good idea to watch out for quick toe pins and kick shots too. If you relax on D while he's setting up the roller, he'll sneak a few past you.

The best part about Darryl's game is his consistency and strong mental game. He doesn't check out, and he doesn't have a lot of matches where he's off. If you plan to beat him, you'll have to earn it...which makes him a great partner for big events.

Strengths: Awesome offensive 5 and 3, trick shots on the 3 bar that are good for a point or two a game, solid defense in goal, good mental game, great positive calm partner, and super consistent

Weaknesses: Sometimes his gimmick shots from the 3 are a little too liberal so he gives up possessions when his roller is a better percentage, 2 bar is a little predictable since he doesn't spend a lot of time in goal but he'll still drop a bomb or two when he needs it

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 7:03:00 AM