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Player Profile - Cody Byre

Profile: Cody is a new transplant from Seattle, but brings some feisty competition to the scene via the Springs. The Emo Kid already has a Rocky Mountain Open Semi Pro Doubles title and high finishes in majors and regionals to his resume.

He's mostly a forward with a hyper quick game. His 5 bar passing series is the stand still, stick lane/wall on the near wall. He's got a few options, but he usually sticks to the bread and butter. There are not a lot of misexecutions here, so you better plan on getting in his head because you don't want the ball on his 3 row.

His 3 bar is just like his 5...explosive roller, but doesn't usually last longer than 2 seconds. If he's on his game and feeling it, that can be extremely frustrating for the goalie to have to deal with...but if he's having trouble reading the defense, his quick shooting can be his downfall...just like Robbie. And just like Robbie, he doesn't work the middles to open up his strong deep corners.

Overall, he's a streaky player and one of Colorado's best competitors in big events at his level.

Strengths: Explosive game, good execution, hits all holes well on his roller

Weaknesses: Still needs some experience on how to handle adjustments, could work the middles a bit better on his roller, doesn't take his time so he doesn't utilize the power of the mental side of the game...if he ever starts taking his time...he'll be a force.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:19:00 PM