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Player Profile - Scott Rodriguez

Nickname: FooserX
Profile: FooserX dominated rookie events nationally on tour, won a couple semi titles, and jumped to pro in 3 years. Since, he has fallen victim to the same thing most pros do. No touring because higher entry fees + higher competition + needing to finally focus on life. The fire is gone but he still plays regularly, and will train hard when big events come to town.

Scott used to be pure forward, but then dropped to pure goalie because it required little practice to stay sharp. His 2 rod is streaky; sometime it’s a limp noodle...sometimes it will mix all kinds of passes with crisp shooting...but his defense is always top notch, and he rarely gets drilled. He has a wide assortment of defenses and likes to rotate them every few seconds to keep you guessing. If you play in pick up games and think you’re drilling him – it’s probably because he’s letting you. He’s more than happy to lose pick up games by giving you certain holes to hit so he can get a good sense of how you read the defense. X files it away in his tourney rolodex and keeps that knowledge for when it will count.

He can still play solid front, and go back and forth against Denver’s best. His 5 is pretty solid offensive and singles, he can really work the hacks too. A long time ago, he broke a finger in his shooting hand when he was playing seriously, so instead of doing nothing for 6 weeks, he spent time developing a nice well blended hack series to pass the time. If you don’t put a hand back there, you’re toast.

His singles game can be extremely fast paced on all rods with lots of slop and quick shots, but he can also slow it up and play the percentages with a nasty 2-5 chip series. It just depends on who he’s playing. His roller is streaky, but he’s intelligent and can make up for it with smart shooting that works the hole.

Overall X plays at a semi pro level most of the time, but can kick it up a notch to his rightful pro status when hungry and training.

Strengths: nice passing, brutal 5 bar hack series in singles with tic tac passing to go along with it, able to speed up the game or slow it down, good 2 – 5 chip series, high foos IQ, will find your weakness fast and exploit it, strong passing/shooting 2 bar when warmed up, good defensive 5, great goalie

Weaknesses: 100% pure practice player – if he’s not seriously practicing and playing a lot, he blows on all rods! Lol

Last Updated: 10/22/2016 4:26:00 AM