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Player Profile - Dustin Gatliff

Profile: Dustin’s new to the scene from Ohio, and has already fit right in with high placing and wins in the weekly tournaments. He’s ranked Amateur, but he can hang with the experts and pros just fine…especially because he lives with the love! While he does seem to get a lot of luck, most of that is directly related to his own defense, loose ball skils, and style of play.

In back, he’s got good smart defense. His two bar is mainly a set pull from the wall, but he does mix in a lot of tic tac kick shots and passes. In singles, he’s got a good 2-5 series that’s much like Tony Spredeman’s – only it is near wall.

Up front, Dustin uses a far wall tic tac series that’s also similar to Tony’s…though he still has to clean it up some. He can hit the wall and lanes very crispy, but they don’t totally work in a series just yet. He will also switch to a near wall at times. His 5 row D is very smart, and he doesn’t get swissed very often.

Up on the 3 row, Dustin has all kinds of trick shots. If you’re playing him in a pickup game, expect to see everything from kick shots to scorpions. His main shot is a roller that he crushes. He can go deadrow on the pullside, and deep on the push, but still likes the middles too. His only hiccup here is that his mechanics can give away his shot sometimes. It’s still a good roller that scores well.

The best part about Dustin’s game is that he can play both forward and goalie equally well, and has a great calm nature…which makes him a good partner to pick up. He is happy to sit back and goal and offer coaching tips for his forward to adjust to, but he can also dominate up front.

Strengths: Executes with authority, good at catching loose balls, tricky smart defense in goal and as a forward, good roller that will hit all the holes, has a few options that keep opponents off balance, can play all styles equally well – fast/slow, forward/goalie

Weaknesses: Can give away his roller sometimes, execution isn’t always consistent, needs to tighten up his game and remove some options, although those options are good for extra points here and there, could use a few more defenses to rotate in

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:39:00 AM