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Player Profile - Ross Lantzy

Nickname: Big Ross
Profile: Another product of Davin's Foosball Factory up in Boulder...Ross has burst on the scene and already has more major titles than most will ever get in their entire career. A lot of new players to the game elect to play one position and master it, but Ross is solid in both. He started as pure forward, and then decided to take some time to sit in the pits, and it’s paid off as he dominates singles with his defense and 2 rod.

His 5 bar is probably the weakest part of his game, but it's still very consistent. It's definitely a high expert/low pro level. It's a tic tac series with a good wall and lane with a couple options in there. He's confident with it and doesn't really favor any pass at any point in the game. He's just as likely to go lane on meatnut as wall. All he really needs is some more experience with it to fine tune his hitches and reads before it can become something like Sticky or Gummeson.

His 3 bar is a beast…probably top 3 in CO. He can hit all the holes on his roller equally well with little takeoff, and fast lateral speed. He can also switch to a strong pull and not lose too much. 99% of the time players pick one shot to master, but he really is in that 1% of players who can hit both equally well. For the most part, he takes his time and really analyzes the hole. His roller is definitely nasty.

Ross is an all around monster on the table. In singles he wins, up front he wins, and in goal he wins. He's got a cannon of a 2 bar and rock solid defense, so he's an extremely versatile player who is a prime pick up for any event. His game is still new to the pro rank, so he gets beat by players with more experience, but once he gets that in, he should give pros and masters all they can handle in no time.

Strengths: Takes his time on his 3, can shoot a patient roller or pull, simple 5, good IQ, aggressive and competitive, can take over a match up front or in back, good singles game

Weaknesses: Needs more experience and confidence at the pro level, 5 bar could be a little more dominant

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:24:00 PM