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Player Profile - Joe Trujillo

Nickname: Teezy
Profile: It took a while, but Joe Teezy finally broke through the levels of “average Amateur fooser” to proven winner on tour. With dedicated practice and touring, Joe finally brought all his skills to the necessary level it takes to win a big time event. Unlike most backpacks who just play pits and keep score, Joe eventually crafted his goalie prowess into a solid, thoughtful game that the best forwards in his divisions began demanding.

In back, Joe’s got good defense, and a solid 2 bar push series. It isn’t uncommon for him to carry his forwards while they go cold for a bit. He never gets frustrated or cranky….he just keeps positive and shoots smart.

After winning some titles in back, he began honing his front skills. His 5 bar is the strongest aspect of Joe’s game. It’s a very disciplined brush series. He works the lane and wall with no real preference, and varies the timing…sometimes hitting his pass on the first toss, and sometimes letting the toss come off the wall.

His 3 bar is pretty good, but it still has a ways to go before it can dominate the higher divisions. He shoots a roller. The push side is automatic, but he’s been working on the pull side, and can hit it well enough that you can’t just camp on his strong side anymore. He’ll also mix up the insides, and is a smart enough player that he makes the most of his scoring opportunities.

Between his solid defense, consistent 5 and 3 bar…Joe’s a strong overall player and is quick to get snatched up when big events roll into town.

Strengths: Solid 5 bar, good goalie game, all around player who can take over in any position, handles pressure well, very tenacious

Weaknesses: 3 bar is getting better, but pullside is definitely less automatic than the pushside, just needs more experience at the higher ranks

Last Updated: 8/23/2014 4:38:00 AM