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Player Profile - Ben Cardenas

Nickname: 5RowKing
Profile: Every now and then, Colorado adopts out of state foosers when they frequent our tournaments. Ben and the New Mexico crew have been supporting CO foosball for years, so it’s about time they get their names up here!

Since arriving on the touring scene, “The Law” has won at every level from beginners to Open. He’s primarily a forward, but has a strong overall game. He’s great at singles because of his high offensive percentages, along with clever 2 bar bank shots and 5 bar hacks. If you’ve never played him, expect to go down!

Up front, Ben’s strength is his 5 bar. He’s got a smooth simple brush, along with his patented “runner” toss. Ben likes to tic tac the ball after saying “Ready?” before it gets to the passing area, so he’ll catch a lot of people off guard with a quick pass moments after play begins. Even when you know it’s coming, he’s still quick to make the lane or wall decision. To complement a strong offensive 5, is his defense. Sometimes he’ll use a fast buzzing d, but mostly sticks to a slow thinking D that just sucks you into hitting the ball into his men. He’s great at getting into the head of his opponent.

His 3 row is a smart, patient roller. He plays the percentages, and doesn’t use too many other shots, but don’t fall asleep or he’ll fire off a quick toe pin while setting up the snake. Ben hits all the holes, but his 3 bar can be streaky. There’s a lot of hitches going on too. Some goalies bail to the open holes, and some key in on the hitches to come up with big blocks.

It didn’t take long for Ben to jump to high expert…and he’s well on his way to becoming a strong pro too.

Strengths: High Foos IQ, tricky smooth brush series, good 3 bar, plays up to the level of the competition, strong 5 row – offensively and defensively

Weaknesses: Plays down to the level of the competition at times, roller has some big hitches sometimes that give away his decisions, 2 bar

Last Updated: 8/23/2014 4:35:00 AM