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Player Profile - Stephen Steighner

Nickname: Stickyfoot
Profile: Stephen “Stickyfoot” Steigner is the last CO player to really go from rookie to dominant pro/pro master. Sweater likes to call him “Spear Jr.” and if you’ve ever seen him play, you know why. First, his 5 bar is sick. It started as a simple sit still near wall stick series, and has developed into a full blown 90% passing series with all kinds of options and subtle variations to keep his opponents off balance. You can sit on his fast wall, but he will still manage to pull you off with his crafty fakes. His 3 bar is a disciplined pull that works the entire hole – watch out for the straight while he’s setting the ball up, because you’ll kick yourself for giving him that freebie!

His lose ball catching skills are also insane which got him the name sticky. He’s comfortable as a forward, goalie, and has a very controlled methodical singles game. You can try to play fast, but he has the skills to slow it down to play how he wants to play. Asides from his fine tuned mechanics, the best part of his game is his mental one. He’s always cool under pressure, despite firing himself up with yells that can intimidate his opponents. You can’t rattle him…at all. He’s a machine. Asides from Robbie, he’s probably CO’s best all around player. He can keep up with PM’s on tour in every event and has the wins and titles to prove it.

Sticky comes and goes from the scene depending on the season, but when a state tourney is coming, and he’s training and hitting the weekly tournaments….he’s flat out great. If a newbie were to start playing seriously – Sticky is the one whose game you can’t go wrong emulating. It’s not flashy, but it’s still impressive to watch.

Strengths: Phenomenal head game, great at picking apart defenses, one of the best 5’s on the planet, good defense on the 5 and in goal, methodical, will never play someone else’s game.

Weaknesses: Sometimes his 3 bar pull can get lazy and slow in local tournaments, but when it counts at a regional…forget about it…he has no weakness. You make a mistake – you lose…he’s a beast.

Last Updated: 8/22/2014 5:30:00 AM