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Player Profile - Tommy Chapman

Profile: Tommy and Sheri are doing their part in promoting foosball around Denver, but they are also touring players who are truly passionate for the game, which shows in their game.

Tommy is versatile, and it comfortable in singles, up front, or in back. He’s got a great head for the game and never panics or chokes. He usually plays up front and has a grab bag of passes on the 5 row. He executes his passes well, but they aren’t in any real series, so you can get a read on them. On the 3 bar, Tommy’s best shot is his pull. It’s fast and hard. When he’s patient and mixing up the holes, he can take over real fast. Every now and then he will mix in a roller, which he hits well, but since that is not Tommy’s main shot, it’s hit and miss.

Overall he’s got a good game. Once he learns the mental/strategy side of foosball, he will definitely be knocking off the top players.

Strengths: Fast and patient pull, executes well, always confident on the table

Weaknesses: Switches shots a lot, needs to tighten up his 5 bar into a series

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:28:00 PM