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Player Profile - Sheri Chapman

Nickname: Mamabear
Profile: After taking a long break from the foos scene, the Chapman’s are now regulars at the weekly tourneys, as well as have started promoting their own. They run America’s in Aurora, have put on various regional warm ups that we haven’t seen in CO for a while, and help to make CO State one of the best tournaments in the country. Tommy and Sheri’s passion for the game is very much appreciated.

Like most chicks, Sheri is pure goalie. Her defense can give people fits, and when she’s in your head, Sheri can be very frustrating to shoot on. She changes up her D, but if you can figure out the timing, you might be able to ring off a few points in a row. Her two bar is a set pull, which she intelligently takes her time to look at the zone. She’ll hit some passes and good sprays, but doesn’t have a blistering long so you can cheat a little on the short holes. Watch out for her tic tac shots as she’s setting up her pull!

Sheri’s a great goalie that strong foosers enjoy playing with because of her positive, yet intense attitude.

In singles, she's been quietly taking man cards from all the guy foosers in town over the past year. Don't underestimate Mamabear and be next on the list!

Strengths: Patient and smart 2 row, good defense, controlled smart game, positive partner that hates to lose

Weaknesses: Front game, needs to adapt faster to the opponent’s 3 row, 2 bar is steady but limited

Last Updated: 8/22/2014 4:49:00 AM