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Player Profile - Jim Sherman

Profile: The “other” Jim in the Denver foosball scene. Jim Sherman used to be referred to as Jim from Jim and Ross, but over time, Sherm has finally started making a name for himself. He started out as pure goalie, touring with Ross and taking down some big time AM titles. Now he’s playing some forward and singles to round out his game. Still, he’s best in back.

His goalie game is solid. He’s got smart tricky defense and rarely gets drilled. His 2 bar is above average as it is an actual series. He sets the ball up close to the wall, and can hit pretty much all the shots necessary. He looks at the sprays first, but he’s got a long too, so beware. He normally teams up with Ross, so they have a couple passes between them, but he could definitely work a few more into his series to open up the shooting lanes.

Up front, Sherm is still figuring things out, but he’s got a steady stick series on the 5 bar, and a patient roller. He reads pullside a lot better than push, but he can hit both well.

Most goalie backpacks are content with a couple wins, and let their game plateau – not Jim. He took his goalie game and keeps improving upon it every week.

Strengths: Nice shooting and passing smart 2 bar, feisty and positive attitude that pumps up his opponent, can win up front, as a goalie, and in singles

Weaknesses: 3 and 5 need work, needs more forward time and experience, two bar could pass more

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:20:00 PM