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Player Profile - Gary Edgeworth

Nickname: Edge
Profile: Even though Gary doesn't live in Colorado any longer, he'll always be known as one of Denver's elite masters on the table. He rarely plays anymore, instead, opting to participate in more physically demanding sports like insane kayaking, mountain biking, MMA, marathons, skiing…if there's a chance someone can die doing it, Gary's probably mastered it!

He brings his extreme sports mentality to the table, and is impossible to rattle. Edge can go toe to toe with the best masters in the world, and when he's fully practiced up, his game is impressive to watch. Some players are finesse players, not Gary. He's 100% pure power. His 5 row is a smooth near wall brush series that keeps things very simple. With the simplicity…he can really hammer his passes. His lane brush is more straight, but his lane is very steep. If you camp on the wall, he'll even brush behind your man. Don't give him the fast wall stick pass either…that's a gimmie for him.

On the 3 row, he crushes the ball with Denver's best pull shot. His stroke isn't the most efficient out there, but it's unraceable and hard…and that's all that matters. As the night or weekend go on, his stroke can suffer some because he puts so much energy into it. Sometimes he can get in a quick shot mentality too, but when he's taking his time, he shoots just like any other top player. Watch out for the rolling pull as he's setting up his shot too!

His goalie game is strong too, but perhaps the best part about Gary's game is his mental approach. He analyzes his opponents tendencies and tells, and the more he plays someone, the better he gets.

In the past, Gary was a shit talker, and watching his matches was always entertaining. He would even lose on purpose if it meant going into the loser's bracket to face someone he didn't like. Lol But now, Edge has grown up and is pretty mellow. He still comes out now and then, and after a few hours of table time to get the rust off…his game is back to where it used to be.

Strengths:Extremely intelligent player - will find his opponents weakness fast, fearless, unraceable and smart pull, nasty 5 - offensively and defensively, all around top player in the world

Weaknesses: Pull shot is so physical that his 3 row can lose steam as the tournament goes on, sometimes tries too hard, rarely plays anymore

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:36:00 AM