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Player Profile - Rob Skolnik

Profile: This motorcycle mechanic is all smiles and laughs, but still puts 100% into every game he plays. He's versatile and is always ready to battle up front or in goal.

In back he's got good defense, and some nasty spray shots. It's a good idea to adjust your zone to account for the spray instead of the squared up ones. Up front he can hold his own against average experts, but his potential is definitelty maximized when used as a secret weapon…someone who can just jump up front and dominate when the tide needs to turn. Rob uses a nice far wall brush series, but doesn't really take too much time to read the defense…the same with his 3 bar. He'll set up for a roller and 1-2-3 go! And that is taking his time! He hits all 3 holes well, so if he's in a groove he can take over in a hurry. If you have a good "quick shooter" defense, then his 3 row shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also watch out for Rob's occasional quick shot while setting up the roller…if you're sleeping, those are easy points for him.

Strengths: Executes everything well, fast roller, hits the ball hard, nice 2 bar, can jump up front and take over

Weaknesses: Doesn't really play or train seriously, doesn't take his time, will let the same shot score a few times before adapting

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:36:00 AM