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Player Profile - Jennifer Boettcher

Nickname: Red
Profile: What's up with all these Florida transplants?? Keep them coming! Especially since they all seem to have good game! Jen (a.k.a. Ginger or Red) is new to the Denver scene, and comes with a nice goalie game and a fun, competitive attitude that makes her a great pick up for any tourney.

Up front, Jen…hmm…well…let's just talk about the back and come back to her forward game later…lol

She's pure goalie. Red's defense is slow and rythmic and she has no problems luring most people in to her baits. The downside to that type of defense is that after a few posessions, a good forward should be able to predict the holes because the movements and patterns stay the same. The best part of Red's game is her 2 bar. She's loves to bang the long hole with her monster push or push kick, or hit some spray longs from the pull set up. She's good for at least 1 or 2 a match back there. She's also good at sending down passes to her forward to open up the shooting lanes. In between time outs, Red also makes for a good motivational coach that calms her partner and offers them tips on what they may not be seeing.

If you're not sure who Jen is, just look for the cute red head sporting an expensive camera taking pictures of everyone. She's responsible for a lot of the great photos on this site!

Strengths: Hits the ball hard, good 2 bar and overall goalie game, nice 3 bar push long, good coach that can help out her forward

Weaknesses: Needs more experience up front, 5 bar needs some..(a lot) of work, can be slow to adapt to opponents tendencies, hands could be faster on loose balls

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:27:00 PM