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Player Profile - Morrie Pape

Nickname: Moe
Profile: Moe lives down in the Springs, but still comes up now and then to play some solid goal for a night...and then goes away for another couple of months.

In goal, Morrie uses a slow smart defense…which, if it's working, is extremely frustrating…but if you're waiting to explode on a hole, you can light up that defense pretty good because he's not going to beat you back to the open hole. His 2 bar is a grab bag of craziness that all weave into a uniqe series of passing, banks, and shots from different uncustomary spots. If he's playing with a forward with some chemistry and ball catching skills, Big Moe can really make his 2 bar control the match.

Up front he's got a pokey, adaquate brush, and a nice roller, but he's definitely more of a goalie. If you show up without a partner, and he's around, definitely pick him up for some good defense!

Strengths: High foos IQ, unique 2 bar series, good coach for his partner, smart defense

Weaknesses: Front game is pretty rusty, doesn't really have a fast defense to give to players who are scoring well

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:35:00 AM