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Player Profile - Stephanie Walters

Profile: Nothing is better than watching Steph pound bitches with her deafening pull, followed by her cute and corny fun recoil. Bar hacks who assume girls can't play really receive an ego check when they play her. She doesn't come out and play as seriously as she used to, but Steph still has game and can beat any other Colroado chick at any given time.

With the guys, Steph is mainly a goalie. She's got good defense, and a nice 2 bar pull that can hammer out some good longs and sprays. But despite being a great goalie, she really loves to play front. She's not a sit back and watch kinda gal. If you ask her what she wants to play, she'll take the ball from you, and throw you in the pits before you can say anything. Her 5 bar is a sneaky near wall chip series. If you don't know how to block it, or haven't seen it before…she'll work you pretty good. She normally starts off with the chip up a couple times, and then automatically goes to the wall the next posession. It's a good series because it's 50/50, but if you get in her head, you can really cut down the percentages…and vice versa if she gets in your head.

On the three, she shoots a pull. She has a great inside game with it, which tightens up the defense for her long. The torque she puts on the shot is harder than a lot of guys, but the lateral speed on her shot can be raceable from time to time, so if she's treating you bad, you might want to go with a reverse race defense (to cut down on the insides). If she ever gets an unraceable pull, she could change the balance of power in the Colorado Women's events.

Steph's great to team up with because she's such a fighter. She's into sports of all kinds - including mountain biking, mixed martial arts, and some psychotic Israelie combat training (Krav Maga)…so it's interesting to watch her take her aggression out on the foostable. For now, she's just about having fun…but the "serious" Steph will come out from time to time.

Strengths: sneaky 5 bar chip series, good defense, great competitive attitude that hates to lose, hits the ball hard!

Weaknesses: Pull can be raceable, will forget to use time outs to gain composure, chip series can fall into pattern passing instead of reading the defense

Last Updated: 8/23/2014 4:38:00 AM