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Player Profile - Dawn Duquette

Profile: Most people would say the best chick fooser in Colorado is Shelly or Traci, but veteran foosers could make a strong case for Dawn being the dark horse winner in that discussion. She plays in the springs, and doesn't play all the time, so her name gets lost among the active touring women, but Dawn is a ferocious pit bull on the table with plenty of titles, including open, to her name.

She wins on pure fire. She's small, but has more intensity than just about every opponent. It's extremely intimidating for players without a strong mental game. Dawn has a suitable 5 and 3 row, but her defense is the key to her game. It's a wall, and gives her and her partner plenty of chances to win the match. During a tourney, Dawn can be heard across the room firing up herself and her partner. She usually plays with Cindy Head in Open Women's Doubles, and they are almost always in the finals, if not winning.

Strengths: Awesome vocal partner to have, great defense, insane aggressive head game - she just keeps coming at you

Weaknesses: Front game could use some polishing up, doesn't play as serious and as much as she used to

Last Updated: 8/23/2014 4:37:00 AM