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Player Profile - Tony Dardano

Profile: If Tony was 40 years younger, he'd probably be dominating Denver foosball. Even so, Father Time still is among Denver's top Amatuer players - just a notch below the hot young touring players. He's a great guy, and is always good for a laugh with some crazy, crude, foul joke out of nowhere.

Tony can play either position really well. In goal, he's got slow moving smart defense that sucks you in. Sometimes the holes just seem gaping, yet by the time you shoot, he's right there waiting for you. His 2 bar isn't particularly strong, but he clears well and rarely makes a mistake back there.

Up front, his 5 bar is slow and patient, using both a near wall and far wall brush series. Both his toss and pass can be a little raceable at times, but he will still get the ball enough times to win. His 3 row is a walking rollover that hits all the holes well. Sometimes his shot seems raceable, but what he lacks in lateral speed, he makes up for in smooth sneaky take off. Some games he will be dialed in and just go off offensively, which is what keeps him at the same level as the best players in his rank.

With a nice overall game, Tony's a good partner to be teamed up with for any event and is always capable of a few surprises in the brackets.

Strengths: Good walking 3 row rollover, patient, smart player, smart defense, nice relaxed attitude

Weaknesses: A little inconsistent like all Amatuers, sometimes his passing can be pokey, 3 bar tendencies can be a little predictable

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:28:00 PM