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Player Profile - Shelly Langley

Profile: Shelly is the highest ranking female fooser in CO and one of the top women’s players in the world. She tours constantly, and is always bringing home hardware. This Colorado foos queen is selfless and has always invested time and dedication in helping to promote the sport across the front range.

Shelly is mainly a goalie, in both female and male events but still has a solid singles game. Her memory is fantastic and if you manage to drill her for the first few times, she’ll make the proper adjustments and will shut you down the next time. Top male players choose her to play goalie in open events which is pretty rare. Lots of players underestimate her blocking just because she’s a woman, but she quickly shuts them down with smart blocking as well as scores at least one or two from the back per match.

She is mom to JC and Lacey Langley, who have also developed good skills at the game.

Strengths: Excellent defense, high foos IQ, good long pull from the 2 and 3, nice inside game on the 3 row, great coach for her partners

Weakensses: Gives away her shot with some slight movement, 5 bar is good but seems to run automatically instead of patient, quick shoots a lot

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:02:00 AM