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Player Profile - Wayne Heffelinger

Profile: Ahh…nothing like a first round donator to get your foosball skills warmed up for the night! Lol Wayne's a super nice guy and will compete in smaller tournaments with low point players, but when it comes to Eck's caliber competition…he's a little out of his element.

Wayne's got fast hands so singles is when he is at his best, but he lacks any kind of structured game. There's no 5 bar series at all, and his offensive shots might be hard, but once you've played him a handful of times, they are pretty predictable. He's got a game similar to Dale Hirokawa, minus the speed. Where Dale can score and get the big upset here and there with unorthodox shots, Wayne's speed just isn't fast enough to score or create any momentum.

Still a super nice guy, and hopefully one day he thinks about getting a serious game…but it's okay if he does, because we all love to play these guys!

Strengths: good transition game in singles, has a lot of shots in his arsenal, ok defense

Weaknesses: no 5 bar series, no great 3 bar shot, no discipline at all…just an instinct/reflex player

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:34:00 AM