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Player Profile - John Lehmann

Profile: John's relatively new to CO and brings a nice solid game to the local scene. He's quiet on and off the table…well…that is until you hit a few misexecutions on him, and then he'll be more than happy to get vocal about how lucky and weak you are! And if he's partnered up with Costello…count on a lot of bitching and sighing! Haha. He's mainly a forward, but will play good goal.

Up front he's got a nice 5 bar series that is primarily a tic tac brush, but it has all the options to go along with it. If you relax your defense on the tic tac set up, he'll hit a fast wall or 2nd man stick pass, so always be ready. Sometimes the series gets a little too much variety, so you can bait him into those option passes which you know he wants to do.

His 3 bar is a fast roller, but definitely loves the pull side. He'll go pullside long, pullside short, and middle before he thinks about going push side. He'll bang a push here and there to keep you honest, but the strategy on these type of shooters is to take away their best shot and force them to do what they don't want to do. When he comes up against players who haven't seen him before, he can really do some damage.

John's a strong expert who fits in nicely with the scene.

Strengths: Good 5 bar series, highly competitive, nice fast roller that will work most holes

Weaknesses: Can let slop get to him, Push side roller isn't consistent

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:27:00 PM