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Player Profile - Chris James

Profile: Chris has been playing for quite a while, and teeters between the Amatuer and Expert skill levels. Some nights he's can flat out throw down and cruise through games impressively, and other nights...not so much.

In goal, Chris has good, smart defense and a nice 2 bar. He'll bang some open hand smashes, so you'll need to zone up for those. Up front, his game is extremely polished for his rank. He uses a nice near wall stick series that hits the passes hard, so if he's feeling hot, he can really massage his opponents 5 bar. On the 3 row, he has a nasty rollover that can hit all the holes with no real preference to sides.

On paper, and just taking an objective look at his skills, Chris James is one of Denver's top Amatuers. However, he's hit and miss with his consistency...and doesn't dominate his rank like his crispy game implies he could.

Strengths: Strong mechanics that hit the ball hard, good offensive 3 and 5, smart defense

Weaknesses: Inconsistent

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:26:00 PM