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Player Profile - Ronnie Garrett

Profile: Ronnie's a new transplant to the Springs and is a great addition to the Colorado foos scene. He's got that unique, aggressive foos spirit that really makes him a prime pick up for any tournament. It's always fun playing with intense players who hate losing. Like most foosers, he's really nice off the table, but on it, he really gets focused and competitive.

With fast hands and a great all around game...he's just as successful in singles as in doubles. He makes a great goalie with good defense, and quick reflexes to keep out the slop, and he's equipped with a nasty 2 rod that can hit anything. Expect all kinds of shots, and expect them to be fast.

His front game is just as solid. His 5 row is a grab bag of brushes and stick passing...sometimes slow...sometimes fast...he's got it all. Same with the 3 rod. He's got a good rollover that hits all the holes, but he does seem to favor one side more than the other. If you block him a few times, he'll start walking the ball around and will really frustrate you when he explodes on the corners. When he feels like it, Ronnie will switch to the pull, and drill a few of those too.

He's a lot like Ditto...fiesty...strong grasp of the game, but does too many things instead of excelling at one. Once you play him a lot, you'll begin to get a read on his timing and tendencies.

Strengths: Versatile player who can switch positions and take over, good ball control, can do pretty much anything with no limits on the table, good overall game on all rods

Weaknesses: Could take his time a little more, good at a lot of different shots, but not dominant at one

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:26:00 PM