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Player Profile - Shaun Skillins

Profile: If Shaun Skillins and Dale Hirokawa are teamed up, you can bet you'll hear one of two things around the room:

1. Who are those bar hacks smoking all the best players on their way to the finals?


They usually bring out a lot of emotion from veteran foosers when they win because their games are so un-pro-like. Shaun plays both goal and the same game even. Dale and him like switching every couple balls even when they are doing well. Why? Who knows! Shaun throws up some fast defense and shoots a killer opened handed push from the pits.

Up front, his 5 can get the ball, but definitely make him prove the lane as he has a lot of crafty wall passes he prefers to use. Watch out for hacks too! He shoots a wicked push from the 3. If you've never seen him, he'll probably blast the long before you can blink. If you take that away and make him take his time, he'll start mixing things up and shooting smart.

Shauns a really great guy, and it's nice to have some pure foosball crazy games in the mix with others more tour-pretty games.

Strengths: Fun partner to play with, fast moving defense, killer push shot

Weaknesses: Doesn't have the tour experience to compete with the best, 5 bar needs some fine tuning, lots of shots that, once seen, can be anticipated

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:32:00 AM