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Player Profile - Tim Brahier

Profile: In between running triathalons, mountain biking and Xterras, Tim Brahier has finally risen the ranks as one of the premier Amatuer goalies.

In the past Tim would succumb to slop and bad breaks, but he's now a focused foos machine in the pits. He has great fast moving smart defense, and a 2 bar series that passes to his forward as well as shoots most holes. He's an intense player and thrives on the competitive nature of the sport. Tim's one of the few vocal players, always firing up himself and his partner.

Up front, he's also got a steady simple game that plays the percentages. His 5 bar is really good - he uses a far wall brush series that really massages his opponents, Up on the 3, he shoots a roller. It's a little slow, and he favors the pullside, but it's getting better. It's streaky...sometimes he'll get in the zone and cruise with it, and sometimes he struggles since he doesn't really play front all that much.

With his solid front game and killer D, Tim also does well in singles events. His usual partner is Jim Thornton and they always manage to go far and pull off the big upset against higher ranked teams.

Strengths: Nice 5 row, good 2, always making the best players switch shots with his defense, intense competitor, smart player

Weaknesses: front game still needs experience, can sometimes let slop get to him still but getting better at it

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:25:00 PM