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Player Profile - Dan Watkins

Nickname: Big City
Profile: Who’s that rookie goalie playing in the Open Doubles final?!?

That's what people used to say.

He'll never live the title of Professional Backpacker down from his rookie days, but everyone knows Dan “Big City” Watkins talks the talk and walks the walk! He’s won enough titles locally and on tour to be a highly sought after Pro goalie. He's a one of Denver's top pit men with some awesome defense and a cannon two bar. He'll work both sides of the table with pulls, pushes, kick shots, passes, sliders, and longs. It's rare he gets lit up, and when he lands a badass forward, expect to see them do some serious damage in the charts.

Mainly a goalie in doubles for big events, he can still hang with the forwards locally when he’s hot. His singles game is pretty sharp as he can play fast and slow depending on what’s needed. Usually City can win many singles matches with his defense and 2 bar. His 5 is a nice patient blend of steep brushing and stick passing. It's gotten better over the years, and is probably at a high Expert level. He usually wins the 5 bar battle even if he's not passing well because his defensive 5 is solid too.

He used to have a sick pull from the 3, but after an injury he went to the roller which is streaky. He sets the ball up a little on the push side, but he can still take it out far to the pullside. It comes and goes depending on his confidence. When it’s on, he’s tough to beat. He'll still re-live the glory days and go back to his pull from time to time. It can be anywhere from pokey raceable to deadrow filthy. It just depends on the day. He likes the insides just as much as the longs, and he's a smart shooter, so be ready to battle.

Strengths: Great goalie game, good 2 bar, intelligent, good 5 – offensively and defensively, positive coach for his partners, vocal and intense attitude that fires them up too

Weaknesses: Streaky 3, can sometimes check out over slop and bad play, never seriously practices outside of tourneys, doesn't play anymore

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:29:00 AM