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Player Profile - Francisco "Paco" Montes

Nickname: Paco
Profile: Paco has always been "The guy that plays Jorge's goalie."

Until 2011!

Paco and Jorge have placed high in events all throughout their foos careers, but at the 2011 CO State Championships, Paco really made a name for himself by being part of some of the most exciting matches that weekend. He won the AM Doubles title with Jorge in a crazy double dip, as well as went meatnut with Pimp and Drew for a chance to go to the finals of Expert Doubles with his equally fiesty partner Patrick Eul. They ended up getting an impressive 3rd, but not before taking down some of the best teams in that event along the way.

He's a goalie with good rookie defense and a crazy 2 bar. He hits the ball hard and from everywhere. He scores a lot back there with kick shots and sliders. It might look random, but he knows what he's doing. It's always nice to have a partner who can contribute, and Paco does just that. He's also got one of those 3 bars that scores a lot because no one is used to seeing his wide variety of shots. If you ever need to switch positions, he's not one of those players who are useless up front. Paco battles! His 5 bar passing isn't great, but if you haven't seen him a lot…he'll get some crafty passes through. When the ball finds its way to the 3 bar…he really can pound it with a lighting fast pull with no takeoff. His go-to shot is a quick reverse front pin that hits the pushside corner.

All in all, he's a fiery little hombre that likes to fight on the table.

Strengths: Good offensive 2 and 3 bar, can jump up front and take over, awesome attitude which makes for a great partner to team up with

Weaknesses: 5 bar offense, no real "series" on any rod, needs some more experience at higher levels to pick up on the tendencies of opponents

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:23:00 PM