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Player Profile - Mike Rusche

Profile: Mike's one of those old school foosball players most newbies have never seen. All they know is this dude throws up crazy off timing defense that makes them just start guessing. Rusche is a long time fooser that most players recognize immediately. He has plenty of big wins in all kinds of events throughout his career, so he gets respect from the veterans. Mike doesn't come out much, but when he does he's all smiles and plays as well as he ever did. He used to be able to play some front, now Rusche is a pure ringer goalie that gets scooped up by the top forwards.

If Mike starts sucking you into his defense, it's going to be a long match. The holes are always changing, and if you're not completely dialed in, he'll always be one step ahead of you. The best strategy against him is to pre-pick your hole and just sit and wait for it to get open. A fast shot should beat him to the hole. Reading his defense is just way too confused and tricky. His 2 bar offense is different than most - it relies more on tricky shots and passes than set shots. He's got some good sprays, longs and kick shots that are bound to score a couple a match.

If all the regular goalies are taken…and you can find him…give this man a call!

Strengths: Good headgame, good 2 bar, smart defense, great positive attitude for his partner, lots of experience

Weaknesses: Front game is rusty, slower methodical defense can lead to dialed in players able to beat him to the open holes.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:27:00 AM