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Player Profile - Robbie Mares

Nickname: Champ
Profile: There are few players that can attract a crowd even in pick up games in CO, but Robbie is one of them. He’s CO’s #1 top touring pro, and to win even a game off him is something most players are ecstatic over and tell all their friends. You can never tell the difference between pick ups and a real match with the Champ because he’s always giving it 110%. His ball control is sick. His passing is sick. His defense is sick. His roller is sick. May as well bring a jar of Vaseline with you to the table because that’s how bad he’s going to rape you.

Even when he does fall victim to an upset (which is probably because he’s playing with lower ranked players because he’s cool like that), it’s still almost a given that he’s going to make his way back for the double dip. There are few CO players that can go head to head with him at the locals, and when it comes to singles events – forget about it! Robbie’s trophy room is ridiculous…and he probably has a special shack in his backyard for all his jackets. My favorite is the jacket that says “OS, OD, OM, etc….” otherwise known as the “I kicked everyone’s ass that weekend” jacket as Watson likes to call it.

The best part about the Champ is his down to earth nature. He’s always more than eager to show newbies (and veterans) how to improve their game as well as deep insights and strategies on the game. Robbie was rated #1 for a long time, and is still a threat to win any open event on tour.

Strengths: Sick ball control, super smart defense, smooth and fast 5 bar, great 5 bar hook, phenomenal shooting/passing 2 rod, one of the fastest rollovers on tour, fierce never say die attitude, pro master forward and goalie, passionate about the game in every way

Weaknesses: Scores so easily, that sometimes his quick shooting can get the better of him. When he takes his time – his roller is effing brutal.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:01:00 AM