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Player Profile - Angelo Miller

Profile: With gargantuan chiseled calves and Schwarzenegger-like guns, Angelo strolls up to the table looking to put a beatdown on any and everyone. If he had some more experience, he might be able to live out his foosball fantasies and back up his friendly smack talk, but for now he's just a solid rook. Angelo has it in him to take down better players, mainly due to his beastly 3 row, but he's still highly inconsistent and in the learning stages of the other aspects of the game.

Angelo's a forward, and like all rookie forwards, the best part of his game is the 3 row. He shoots a smoking, unraceable roller to all holes with little to no takeoff. Sometimes he can get on a roll and just steamroll the goalie with quick shots, but he can still take his time too and really shoot smart. And again, like most rookies, his downfall is the 5 row. His series is a stick lane/wall. In the past it was just a hodge podge of weaving and tic tacking to get the defender to bail from the wall, but he's finally settling in to work it into an actual series. In goal, Angelo has some good defense and 2 bar shots. He usually shoots a shortened pull series from the white line, but has the occasional pull kick or opened hand push smash to mix things up.

Angelo is a great asset to the scene here, bringing loads of laughs and fierce competition. He's got the natural athletic ability and competitive mental make up to do well in this gameā€¦something most players will never haveā€¦.all he needs is a little more time and experience learning the mental side of the game.

Strengths: Awesome roller that hits all the holes unraceable, handles pressure well

Weaknesses: 5 row still in the learning stages, 2 bar needs some work, just needs more experience on the chess side of the game.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:27:00 AM