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Player Profile - Roger Aamodt

Profile: Standing next to Louis, you'd never in a million years guess Roger was his brother. Even on the foosball table, Louis is a bull in a china shop while Roger plays a very finess and controlled game. Over the years, Roger comes and goes from the scene, but no matter how long his layoff, he never forgets to come back and dispense local beatdowns from time to time.

Roger is a high level expert who can compete with anyone across the table. He mainly plays forward, but he has no problem switching to the pits when needed. His defense is methodical and smart…rarely fast and hectic. He's also possesses all the other goalie intangibles, such as blocking slop and digging for lose balls. The best part of his goalie game though is his beastly 2 bar. He shoots a wide array of shots and never really sticks to one series. He's got pulls, pushes, kick shots and banks…all with power. He's dangerous back there and when it's a big point, it's not uncommon to see him call a time out to get in back and take a shot to win the game.

Up front, Roger has a strong 5 row, both offensively and defensively. His 5 is a mix of smooth passes and relies more on catching you off guard over powering it through a tight hole. If you've never seen him before, chances are he'll swiss you pretty good. He's definitely one of those players you want to scout out a few times to get a read on his favorite passes. On the 3, Roger can shoot a good rollover, but his bread and butter is the pull. He has one of the better pulls around town, and when he's in the zone, his long is blistering. He works all the holes, so if you're not a goalie who likes to adapt, count on him drilling the same shots over and over. Also, keep a watch for the occasional quick, gimmick shot out of the blue once he's lured you into his slow controlled game and you relaxed your defense.

Overall, Roger is one of Denver's mightiest and nicest foosers. Off the table, he's a quiet observer of the game…taking in the room and getting a feel for the competition. On the table, he turns into a completely different person…intense and fiery. If you're really lucky and find him getting into a serious battle on the table with someone who is pushing the rules or being unsportsmanlike, you might seriously witness the Hulk being released. It's in him, and don't forget it!

Strengths: Strong offensive game on both the 5 and 3, can shoot both the pull and roller effectively, fast pull, extremely intelligent player, good 5 row defense, great 2 bar with all kinds of shots, will play up to the level of any competition, can take over a match in goal or up front, fiesty and hates to lose

Weaknesses: Slight hitch on his rollover going to one side, can be rattled under pressure or unsportsmanlike conduct of the other team, will sometimes throw in a "wtf??" decision out of the blue when controlling a match

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