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Player Profile - Jim Thornton

Nickname: Slice
Profile: One of the few Denver Ametuers worthy of a complete profile makeover. Jim's no longer new to the competitive game, and has plenty of local upsets at the Eck's BYP to prove it. Despite having a slow, polite, finesse game, if you take him lightly, you'll be down before you know it. Jim brings welcomed emotion weather he wins or loses, so he is always a good pick up who can fire up his partner and keep them motivated to play their best.

The strongest part of Jim's game is by far his passing. This is a great example of how dominant the K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) method can work in foosball. He works a very simple stick series with 3 passes - wall, lane, and the bounce off the wall lane. He'll drag the ball over to the wall once or twice to get a read on how the opponent is defending, and then he'll make a polished pass with few misexecutions. By keeping his series so simple, he's mastered all 3 passes, and usually can out 5 most players. Jim also has a smooth, slow brush series that is very simple, too. He reads the holes, and made good choices by being so patient. Both series are equally effective due to their simplicity.

Once the ball gets to his 3, Jim's roller is hit and miss, but getting slowly getting better the more he plays. It's not terribly fast, though it can be. He doesn't pound the longs, though he can. It's just a little inconsistent from match to match. Usually he makes up for his 3 bar by dominating the 5 row. If you've never played Jim, the strategy to take is to take away the middles and short holes, as well as don't fall for the hitches that make you bail. He likes to milk these to open up the longs. It works great for a while, but eventually every player needs to establish the longs to open up the easy holes. If he is feeling the long're in for a battle, and better hope your forward can match the offense.

Jimbo Slice is a natural forward, but can also jump in the pits for some sneaky defense, and the crafty Back Pin of Sin 2 bar shot that is good for a couple bombs per match. He hasn't toured much, but is a weekly regular and plays against Denver's elite all the time, so when he does finally go out on tour, expect to see his name around the cash in a few events if he can get off to a strong start.

Strengths: Great positive attitude for his partner’s, strong simple 5 bar, patient roller, tricky back pin from the 2 bar

Weaknesses: roller needs to be more explosive, needs more confidence to the long holes, sometimes has tendency to over analyze things.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:21:00 PM