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Player Profile - Daniel Lueras

Nickname: Deadbar
Profile: What's with all these foosball studs coming to Denver lately? Who cares, we'll take them! Daniel spent the majority of his foos career dominating the New Mexico area with the rest of the Lueras clan. His brother Eddie, sister-in-law Shana, and dad Eddie Sr. all play the game at a high level, but Daniel always had that special something and has multiple titles in every rank to prove it. Although his style of play has a completely different tempo, Daniel's game reminds me a lot of Sticky's. Each pass and shot is calculated, and he rarely misexecutes anything due to his sharp focus. He thinks like a pro, performs like a pro, and believes belongs at the table no matter who is playing across from him. He is a dominant pro, and if he had the opportunity to tour around the country, he'd likely have Master points.

Like most gifted players, Daniel is a pure forward. He can jump in back for the big block and 2 bar bombs, but his strength is playing up front. His 5 bar defense is intimidating. It's a fast well timed shuffle, and if you don't know what you're doing, chances are he'll get more than a few steals a game. His 5 bar offense is just as sick. He can do both a stick and brush series, but when he's feeling it, his 5 bar is a fast tic tac mix of both types of passes. It truly is a series as all the passes play off each other. I wouldn't personally recommend this type of 5 bar to beginners learning the game, as it is too complicated and requires the utmost confidence, but at his level, he can pull it off in impressive fashion. If you give him a slow defense on the 5, you can count on him breaking it down with quick unraceable passes. It's a lot like Ryan Moore's series, only with more brushes and sneaky passes that you aren't expecting.

Once the ball gets to his 3, watch out for any and everything. If you think you can relax your defense expecting him to set up the ball for a set shot, think again. Daniel has an arsenal of quick shots that he won't hesitate to use if he catches you sleeping. Your best bet is to always be ready and force him to beat you by taking his time with the pull or rollover. Even that is not an easy task. Daniel works the entire goal - hitting straights, shorts and longs with no real preference. Sometimes it seems like his shot isn't as fast as other foosers, but he still has no problems scoring most matches.

All in all, Daniel is a great asset to the Denver player base, and will likely challenge the top players weekly for the cash spots. He's also a super nice guy to swap foos stories with and plays with anyone who asks. With his great focus, he has no problems taking newbies to the cash. Few players have this level of passion and skillset to compete at the highest of levels, so watch and take notes!

Strengths: Fiery and intense attitude, great focus, deep passion and true love for the game, extremely versatile and can play any style, any position and with any partner, great offensive game on all rods, fast shuffle 5 bar D, doesn't get rattled, tons of experience and knowledge, natural talent

Weaknesses: Sometimes his fast paced style of play can lead to turnovers, pull can be a little slow on some strokes, but he still reads the holes well.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:26:00 AM