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Player Profile - Brian Costello

Nickname: Kranky
Profile: A recent Florida transplant, Brian's new to the Denver scene, but is already making himself quite at home in the money.

He's one of the few players who are strong up front and in goal. If you were to see him play goalie, you'd think he's a pure goalieā€¦but then when you check out his front game, you'd think he's a pure foreward. His goalie game comes with smart experienced defense and a strong 2 bar pull from the back. He takes his time, analyzes the defense and rarely makes a mistake in judgement.

Up front, Brian's game is similar to in back - extremely methodical and frustrating to deal with if you're on the other side of the table. His 5 bar consists of a unique series that tic tacs the ball on the near side, hitting both the wall and 2nd man high lane pass smoothly. His ball control is excellent and he'll milk the time limit and vary up his timing to keep you off guard. Just to throw in an added frustration, he'll mix in a brushes that blends extremely well with the rest of his series. He's at his best when he's mixing up all his passes. Like most pros, he doesn't just throw out passes hoping one will get through - Brian's very patient and reads the defense well and waits for a hole to open up.

From the 3 bar, Brian shoots both a pull and roller equally well. He doesn't seem to favor any holes, and hits the ball hard. Just when you think he'll only work the insides, he'll bust out a long. Just when you think he's hitting the corners on his roller, he'll start slamming home straights. With patient defense readingā€¦Brian can be a handful to defend.

All in all, Brian's a fierce competitor, a great partner and plays equal to our top players.

Strengths: Executes everything crispy and at a high percentage, methodical and smart, strong intense partner who is at home in both positions, strong 5 and 3 and 2, able to make adjustments, extremely well rounded player

Weaknesses: Can let slop and bad breaks get to him, sometimes his smooth stick and brush series on the 5 can separate into 2 distinctive series that can be a little predictable.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:19:00 PM