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Player Profile - Dean Jones

Profile: Dean's a great friend to all foosers, and hosts UFC/DYP nights every so often which sometimes attacts more players than established tournaments. He's been around the game for a long time, but has only lately started taking the game a little more serious. Having placed high in his first two tour events recently, he's hungry for more.

As a forward, Dean uses a near wall stick series. It's solid for a rookie, but still needs some fine tuning. He's got a fast wall pass, and high lane with a few options mixed in. Once he tightens up the series to make the passes blend together better, it should up his game a few levels.

His best asset is his 3 row. He can shoot a good roller, but really should stick to his pull shot as he has one of the best strokes in Denver. It's smooth, fast and has no takeoff; however, he does have a habit of moving his man slightly just before going. Dean works the holes well, but sometimes can get into a quick shooting pattern. If he's on, he's deadly, but if you can adjust for the quick shots, you will definitely get a string of blocks.

Having played goalie for Moose for a stretch, Dean is also comfortable in the pits, and brings his strong pull to the 2 bar, which makes him a valuable team asset who can jump up front or hop in back to score some big points. The only bad part about playing with Moose is that he kinda adopted Moose's frustration when it comes to slop or bad breaks. He's still learning though, and once he makes a few small adjustments to his game, Dean should provide Denver with another solid caliber fooser.

Strengths: smooth natural pull stroke from the 2 and 3, high energy player

Weaknesses: 5 bar rushes a bit, loose ball catching, needs to learn to play smarter

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:25:00 AM