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Player Profile - Chris "CJ" Cannon

Nickname: CJ
Profile: CJ's been playing off and on for forever, but despite his lifetime rookie status, he's still capable of going off on any given night.

He usually plays front and has a very disciplined game. His 5 bar is a nice smooth brush that starts off from a back pin. He hits the lane and wall equally well, but the pass point usually comes at the same spot on the toss, so the defender can get a slight edge at knowing when CJ's going to pass. From the 3 bar, CJ has a fantastic pull. His long can go deadrow, so be careful about giving him the reverse D unless you plan on posting it, and even then he can still go around it when he's hot. It's so good that he sometimes gets long happy. If CJ gets bricked a few times, then he'll start looking for other openings…but a good goalie can usually sense when someone will finally give up on a hole.

From the pits, CJ has probably the best 2 bar push long in CO. He can go around big dot…which is darn near impossible for even the best of push shooters. He's got some good defense, so he makes for a versitle partner who can switch up and completely change the tide of a match.

Strengths: Fast deadrow pull, great calm nature, beastly 2 bar push from the pits.

Weaknesses: Doesn't play against Denver's elite a lot to get necessary experience, sometimes gives away his pull with a slight motion of the man.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:25:00 AM