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Player Profile - Mark Brubaker

Profile: His mom, Traci, is one of CO's top players, so it's no surprise Mark is following in her footseps and making an impact on the scene - locally and nationally. With only a couple tourstops under his belt, Mark has already placed high in events, and is only getting better.

Like most dominant newcommers, Mark's a pure forward with a great front game. His 5 bar is a stick passing series similar to Tony Spredeman. Definitlely don't give him the wall pass as it's unraceable! He still can hit the lane, but it does look slightly different than the wall. With hitches, options, and quick passing, Mark does a good job of pulling the defender off the wall even when they want to stay glued to it. Once the ball gets to his 3 row, he shoots a fantastic looking roller with no obvious preference to sides. He can go both sides equally fast, but also hits the insides to give the defense fits. He's also been practicing a pretty consistent push side cutback. When he's feeling it, Mark will pop shoot so never let up your D. If you do manage to get in his head, he does a good job of changing tactics and taking his time with hitches and fakes to keep you guessing. Even though Brubaker shoots the roller, he will throw in the occasional pin shot or push kick to keep a goalie on his toes.

In goal, Mark's 2 bar is about what you'd expect from a forward. He can make some shots, but it's not a game changer. His defense is smart, and does a great job of baiting as well as mixing up the timing. In singles, he's got a pretty good 2 to 5 passing series, but it's not really a series…more like a grab bag of passes. Once you've seen them a few times, you can bait him for certain passes.

Perhaps the biggest X-factor in Mark's game is his fire and ability to play at such a fast pace in singles. He won't give up any easy goals, and will force you to keep up with him. Sometimes he can cost himself posessions by playing a little too fast, but once he learns when to hold back and when not to, he should become a force to be reckoned with in Denver.

His willingness to learn and soak up foosball knowledge is paying off, and the sky's the limit for this young fooser.

Strengths: Natural talent, quick hands, fast transition game in singles, fantastic roller, good offensive 5 row, smart defense, fast learner, capable of playing fast and slow

Weaknesses: Lane pass isn't as crisp as his wall, 2 bar needs some work to compete at a higher level, just needs more experience fine tuning his game and knowing when to play to his strengths.

Last Updated: 8/23/2014 4:36:00 AM