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Player Profile - Drew Yoder

Profile: Drew’s never completely out of the foos scene, but he hasn’t been completely in for a while either. When he was playing on a regular basis, Drew placed well consistently in both rookie and semi pro events. He’s pretty versatile and can play up front or in goal with no real preference to either. He gives the opposing team a change in defense and can drop some hard bombs from the pits when needed. With good pushes, pulls, and kick shots…he can really get on a roll back there, especially in singles.

His front game is solid too, but just doesn’t play the elite players enough to get the confidence and consistency to hang with them too long. His 5 bar is a good stick series, which definitely prefers wall more than the lane, but he’ll still pop a lane if you camp for a while. Beware his middle man hack too!

From the 3, Drew shoots a disciplined roller that explodes to both sides. If he’s reading your defense well, he can be tough to block. While setting up the snake, Mr. Yoder will always throw in a toe pin shot…mostly pullside…so don’t bob in a pattern. Actually, it’s best if you can bait him for it which results in an instant turnover because he can’t resist.

All in all, he’s a good pickup for any event with a great positive attitude with a nice mix of versatility and feistiness.

Strengths: Versatile player and can switch when needed, fast roller, good two bar shots, positive attitude that helps encourage his partners

Weaknesses: Doesn’t play much anymore, defense sometimes doesn’t seem to adapt to the shooter

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 4:26:00 PM