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Player Profile - Shaun Brose

Nickname: Mouth
Profile: Shaun Brose is back in Denver, and you know what that means…lots of pissed off Denver foosers! It’s always fun to see players lose their cool and get sucked into his mouthy nature on the table. He can bring out the Hulk in even the calmest of people, and then look at them with an oh-so-innocent…”what?” which just gets them more riled up. Mostly it’s the mentally weaker players who check out against him though.

He can play front locally with a smooth patient brush on the 5, and an assortment of shots from the 3 bar, but he’s a pure goalie with quite a few big wins on tour – including a semi pro doubles world title. He’s got smart defense and is quick to pick out opponents strengths and weaknesses. Shaun’s also great at keeping out the slop and coaching/calming his partners when they run into a rough spot. His 2 bar push series doesn’t really stand out as lethal, but it gets the job done with clears, shots, passes, and the occasional score.

Nicknamed “Mouth” for obvious reasons, he’s one of those players you don’t like playing against (unless you’re winning which keeps him quiet… sometimes lol), but you love having in the pits for you.

Strengths: solid defense and overall strong goalie game, high foos IQ, excellent at calming and coaching his partner, highly competitive

Weaknesses: front game is iffy at the higher levels since he’s mostly a goalie

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:24:00 AM