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Player Profile - James Mastroni

Nickname: Moose
Profile: Naked nun orgies…virgin sacrifice...demonic ass raping…if it’s been banned in 6 continents, Moose has an explicit shirt for it.

Moose is a long time player with plenty of wins and tour titles on his resume. If he wanted to be pro, he could, but he’s settled into cashing in as a forever semi pro. He is always playing for fun, but when he decides to turn it up a notch and actually practice...he can be disgusting on the table. His 5 row is a sick mix of stick and brush passing, and he alternates between an unraceable deadbar pull and roller depending on the night. He’s even messes with goalie’s heads with the “big dot special”; a pull set up on big dot which seems like it would be easier to block, but with the brush back to the straight…he still confuses goalies.

Strengths: Streaky offense, but when it gets going, he’ll run over any player, including pro masters. High foos IQ, great 2 bar, good in goal, dominant 5 that hammers brush and stick passes through the defense.

Weaknesses: Checks out way too fast…a few slops against him, and you’re golden. Attitude can affect his partner.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:01:00 AM