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Player Profile - Dana Thompson

Nickname: StonewallD
Profile: Dana “Stonewall D” Thompson is one of Colorado’s stronger women. Like her nickname states, she’s a strong goalie – both offensively and defensively.

In goal, Dana’s got some great smart defense. A lot of new chickfoosers play goal with a mostly race type of defense, but Stonewall immediately threw up some good tempo changing crafty D. Her 2 bar is solid for any gender. She’ll shoot some good set pulls from the wall that hit all the holes, including going around big dot which breaks a zone wide open and makes her hard to contain. If you manage to get on it, definitely be weary of the rolling pull or kick options.

She doesn’t play front much when it comes to men’s events, but she can more than hold her own up there. He 5 bar is a very pretty brush with different timings. She’ll even wait to pick her spot after the off the wall bounce, where most girls just pass without looking at the defense. Dana chose to shoot a roller from the beginning which is rare. Most girls seem to pick up the pull. Her snake doesn’t have the same hard snap of the male players, but the takeoff is smooth and she’s smart with it, so she can do well in women’s events. If she played more front and seriously, Dana no doubt would be a woman to watch in the brackets.

Strengths: Great defense, monster long pull from the back mixed with good sliders, fiery attitude that pumps up her partner, wears slinky tank tops

Weaknesses: Doesn’t play as serious anymore because of life, good roller from the 3, but never really concentrated on being a forward to take it to the next level.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:23:00 AM