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Player Profile - Curt Mason

Profile: Curt doesn’t come up like he used to, but when he was a regular at the Denver BYP’s, he was consistently in the cash – especially when he paired up with Bart. They made a lethal Springs duo. Curt’s a rock solid pro who plays well in both positions, as well as singles.

I would say Curt is most at home as a goalie. His defense is extremely smart that comes from years of experience playing the elite of the Springs like Garret, Bart, and Rudnicki. He’s great at picking up on tells and tendencies, as well as blocking slop. He shoots a push from the back, and it’s definitely better than most because it doesn’t get zoned up easily.

Up front, Curt can hold his own against other pros. His 5 bar defense is very good, and he uses a nice simple chip series that throws opponents off guard. It’s a chip, wall, and lane…which are mixed well with maybe an option thrown in. It’s not fast or flashy, but it’s very persistent and gets the job done. On the 3, he shoots a strong pull that mixes timing and holes. Sometimes it looks slow, but if you try to race it, he’ll beat you with the occasional quick takeoff or just overall smart hole picking.

It’s good to see him come up to Denver as it offers us a chance to play another pro with a disciplined, intelligent game.

Strengths: High foos IQ, phenomenal calm goalie game, great partner that gives you confidence, good offense on all rods, versatile

Weaknesses: Doesn’t play as much anymore, doesn’t play well with others…lol…why did him and Bart break up??

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:23:00 AM