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Player Profile - Steve Rollings

Nickname: Kid
Profile: Steve’s been around for a long time, but always played in the northern tournaments so never really had the exposure to the elite level of foosball that most Denver players have. Still, his natural talent is there and he’s always a threat to dominate the rookie brackets. His game is fierce, and his attitude is fiery…everything he executes is hard, and when he’s rolling, he’s tough to beat.

His 5 bar is a mix of sticks and brushes, but could use some fine tuning…he’ll also drop the occasional hack in so goalies need to be on their toes. On the three is where he’s most dangerous. He shoots a great hard pull, roller, and an assortment of other options off the set up. If you’ve never played him, he’ll definitely get some easy trick shots on you.

In goal, he’s got good defense, as well as a handful of shots. It’s not uncommon for him to switch to the pits to get the big blocks and drop some bombs to bring his team back into the game. With great forward and goalie skills, Steve also has an impressive transition game, which makes his deadly in singles.

Strengths: Strong 3 bar, good defense, intense, good 2 bar, great at firing up his partners

Weaknesses: 5 bar could be fine tuned, doesn’t play as much as he used to

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:23:00 AM