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Player Profile - Davin Yoshida

Profile: Davin’s been a great foosball promoter for Boulder, and consequently…many Boulder players have come down to Denver to play with the big dogs…and a few of those players have even stuck around the scene to become solid players. With Michaels, Darren, Chris J, Jerry, and Davin himself all having high placings at the Hall of Fame Classic 2009, you can certainly make the case that Boulder is the new hot bed of Denver foosball. Not only does he run an open DYP for which he pays the quarters making the tournament free play, Davin also has started up a beginner tournament which feeds the Boulder tourney…which feeds the Denver scene…so you can’t argue his heart and dedication to the game.

Davin came into the game shooting the normal push shot with authority, but since playing the better players…he has adapted a more methodical style of play. His 5 is a smooth brush with some nice options, and his roller walks around before hammering the goal. He’s only a rookie, but can still pull off the occasional upset against higher ranked players.

Strengths: Good push side roller, smooth brush

Weaknesses: Walks the roller too much, needs to play and learn from better players more often which is tough being in Boulder, defense and goalie game needs work

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:22:00 AM