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Player Profile - Mike DeMarco

Profile: DeMarco doesn’t come out to the weekly tourneys much anymore, but he’ll still show up for the state tournaments from time to time, and usually take home some hardware.

Mike bust on the scene a while ago and jumped straight up to an elite level of rooks. Him and Frick won quite a few events in and out of state. He’s an extremely intelligent player, and practiced foosball the right way from the start…which explained his wins so early in his foos career. Demarco’s mainly a forward and has an excruciatingly patient, brush series that gets opponents pretty frustrated. His rollover reads the holes well, but definitely prefers the pull side. Demarco lives with the ball, so despite a hit and miss roller, he can usually pull out the win.

In back, Mike’s got solid defense with a good 2 bar. Most pushes are severely limited, but his can clear and score pretty well. In singles, he racks up a lot of points with it. So add good defense to his consistent scoring…and you get a very good, methodical singles player.

Strengths: Smart and versatile player who can play front, back, and singles very well. Good defense, shoots a good push from the 2 bar, strong and calm head game

Weaknesses: Push side roller is iffy, doesn’t play serious anymore

Last Updated: 8/21/2014 3:22:00 AM